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Welcome to the University of Georgia’s Policy Portal—UGA’s central resource for finding University-level policies and procedures. Search by policy name or keyword in the window below to find policies and procedures in University-level policy manuals, libraries, and sites.

Policies and procedures that apply to all University of Georgia students, faculty, and staff are developed and approved through appropriate governance and administrative processes and maintained by the offices responsible for their implementation. Direct links to many individual policy manuals, libraries, and sites are provided below.

Note: Schools, colleges, and some offices may have additional policies or procedures that apply only to their students, faculty, or staff. Questions about unit-specific policies should be directed to the individual school, college, or office.

Additional policy and procedure sites indexed through this portal include Academic Honesty, Dean of Students, Development and Alumni Relations, Enterprise Information Technology Services, Graduate School, Marketing and Communications, Programs for Minors, 怎样快速打开国外网站, Office of Global Engagement, Office of Government Relations, Office of the Registrar, Public Service and Outreach, Sponsored Projects Administration, Study Away Programs, and 哪些方法可伍浏览国外网站. 

The University System of Georgia (USG) and Board of Regents maintain policies and procedures at 怎么进入国外的网页 that govern, control, and manage USG and all USG institutions, including the University of Georgia.

Send questions related to policies found through the UGA Policy Portal to, and they will be forwarded to the appropriate responsible office.

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